We are passionate about people. That’s why we do what we do. Our ‘predictions’ are not formed through the haze of a crystal ball (which would be a lot easier) but from a desire & determination to understand our clients businesses & their research needs.

We develop an individual & personalised approach to capture & distil relevant information into valuable insights & business direction.
The only sixth sense that comes into play is the kind of intuition that comes from 20 years experience in the Marketing & Research industry.


Our goal is to forge friendly, durable, effective & mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. After our large agency education we are now a deliberately small team with the capability of ‘thinking big’ without losing the personal touch.

We know what we are. We offer real value for money. We play to our strengths & don’t pretend to be anything we’re not.

With 6S Research transparency is key - what you see is what you get: two enthusiastic directors, delivering on each & every project.

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